Streamlines Emergency Management

Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation


Effective Situation Awareness...

Provides incident commanders with real-time data from first responders, citizens, and local and national government agencies:

Allowing the incident response team to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.


Accessible Web-Based Collaboration...

As a web-based software tool and portal, IMDSS organizes and shares incident-related and emergency preparedness information for first-responders in rural environments:

Enabling the incident response team to save lives and protect property.


Efficient Communications...

Communicate with personnel, organize a response,and get an accurate operational picture via real-time data sharing:

IMDSS removes barriers and speeds resource deployment for fast, efficient incident response.


Philip C. Stittleburg

National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC)


The IMDSS tool helps incident response teams more effectively and efficiently communicate, assess the situation, and respond.